How To Read More: 62 little tips to help you become a book dragon

hands-hand-book-readingI am constantly interacting with people who tell me that they desire to read more. And yet they do not. I know, finding enough time in your busy schedule can appear like an impossible task. Or it is too expensive. Or you don’t know what to read. Or it is time consuming. Or it is bad for vision. There are thousands of excuses that prevent you from reaching your goals. But if you really want to read more, there is nothing stopping you.

You have more time or opportunities to read than you think you do. Reading just makes your life better, and you can see yourself improving as a person. But if you need a little bit of inspiration and assistance, I hope you will find these 62 little tips helpful.

1. Tell yourself that you are a tough cookie and a big scary book will not intimidate you.

2. Always carry a book with you (it is not that heavy).

3. Put your phone down before it eats you.

4. Read while you wait for that one friend who is late to everything (plus, time will fly by, win-win!).

5. Ask a friend for recommendations.

6. If you fall asleep while reading classics, stop doing it. (Unless you have to, then keep going, buddy!)

7. Reward yourself for every book you read.

8. Read in the bathroom.

9. Try audiobooks while exercising. Or when NOT exercising.

10. Read on public transport.

11. Have a book near your bed.

12. Instead of scrolling through Facebook when you wake up, read.

13. If you think books are boring, forget this prejudice. You just haven’t found the right book.

14. Make a list of books you want to read. Paper or electronic. Or both!

15. Pick one from the list, and read.

16. Join a book club (because you ain’t no good without a deadline).

17. Set your reading goal.

18. Read while stuffing your mouth with food.

19. Have the same book on multiple devices (for easy access).

20. Read the stuff you like (even if some fella will judge you).

21. Explore the hidden world that is the library.

22. Commit to something, you big lazy avoider.

23. Reading is fun, so choose something that interests you, not your snobbish uncle.

24. If you are a competitive chilli, make it a contest with your friend who can read more books (and no cheating, you weakling).

25. Have bedtime routine that involves reading a few chapters.

26. Plan your reading time.

27. Listen to your mom for once, and start a book she has been recommending you for years.

28. Set your reading goals on Goodreads.

29. Read shorter books to make you feel like a conqueror of literature.

30. Do an Unplugged experiment (that means no media, no phone, no TV, no technology). If you manage to survive, there won’t be anything you cannot do. You will have to read, or be a pu$$y.

31. Find a cute little spot for your reading (and Instagram it only once).

32. If you are broke, visit the library. Or a second-hand shop. Or try borrowing a book.

33. E-books are very cheap. Some even free.

34. Explore BookTube for inspiration.

35. Check out Bookstagrams and be jealous of all the prettiness.

36. No distractions allowed. Put your earplugs in, music on, and concentrate!

37. Stop thinking that reading is a chore. Soon you will be functioning with 2 hours of sleep because you couldn’t put a book down.

38. See what people are recommending (the trustworthy kind). Because a good book will get you hooked.

39. If you are a snobbish basterd, think how smart you will appear to your friends.

40. Have anther book ready before finishing the one you’re reading.

41. Google the shiz out of the best books ever.

42. Subscribe to a book newsletter.

43. Ask for books for Christmas. Then don’t be a Grinch and appreciate your gifts.

44. Go to a charity store and buy a book. You read more, and give money to a charity!

45. Seriously, start reading e-books. They deserve as much love as paperbacks.

46. Bring a book on a long journey (and never be bored).

47. Learn how to speed-read. There are apps.

48. Make a list of all the books you have read.

49. Seriously. Goodreads. So. Much. Fun.

50. Give up if a book is really not doing it for you.

51. Don’t worry about not being productive. You deserve some time off.

52. Set yourself a page target every day. Feel like a dragon when you reach your goal.

53. Read multiple books. Then later, you will be finishing lots at the same time! Or just one, if that is how you roll.

54. Netflix can wait. Prioritize a book.

55.  Find a mine of gold (a trusted source for recommendations).

56. Share your conquests like a true Viking that you are.

57. Buy a Kindle. Or better yet, ask for it as a gift.

58. Read with others. Make it a family time! You won’t want to be the odd man out.

59. Don’t worry if you are slower than a turtle. It is not a competition.

60. Get a bookshelf and display your conquests.

61. Do not suffer. It is supposed to bring you tears of joy, not of despair. Take a break, not every day is for reading.

62. You are a Khaleesi, not the High Sparrow of loserville.

So hopefully you will find these tips useful. We all need a little bit of inspiration sometimes, but to achieve your goals, you have to indulge in a bit of perspiration.

Do you have anything to add to this list? What do you think of these tips?

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Why Reading is Important

Well, why breathing is important? Why living? Everybody has the kind of things they like to do. Some like to dance. Some like to paint. Some like to do drugs. So it is important to find the balance between gaining and liking. Doing drugs will not provide you with any gaining, at least not the good kind.

While some likes are harmless, some are not. And then there are those that provide us with answers, widen our horizons, and allow us to learn, and at the same time, gain.

In this busy world that we live in, it is a tough chore to find any time for yourself. After a long day at school or at work, people just want to relax. I believe that relaxation in a form of reading a book is the best answer. However, some might not see it that way. Forcing yourself to read removes the pleasure out of the equation. Therefore, it also raises a question: Is reading important if it does not bring you the pleasure?

In my opinion, reading is quite necessary for development. Like school is quite an important part. The secret is finding the balance between pleasure and necessity. I might not have enjoyed every part of the school, like lessons. Or the forced reading. I did enjoy the fun hanging out with friends parts, though. The same balance can be applied to reading. If you are not enjoying reading, maybe you have not been reading the right material. There is no harm in finding the classics quite boring, especially when they are forced upon you by your teachers. Moreover, not every genre is for everybody, but with such a vast variety of genres and formats, it is impossible to dislike every kind of the book.

Finding every single book boring is a similar concept of finding every single film uninteresting, or every single meal disgusting. It is just impossible. What actually makes reading seem like a boring thing to do are the stigmas attached to it. Like:

  1. Reading is uncool. Well, since being smart, having an opinion, or not wanting to become a drug addict are considered uncool as well, maybe just ignore this belief.
  2. Reading is boring. Again, nobody is forcing you to read a more than 1,000 pages of War and Piece. Just try various genres, and you will definitely find something.
  3. I do not have time. Now you are just lying to yourself. Did you just not waste 2 hours on pointless scrolling on Facebook, or playing Candy Crush? I find that people who are actually busy find much more time for various kinds of entertainment, they just know how to manage time much better.
  4. Random excuse number four. Reading is actually for you, you gain so much when you decide to give something a chance.

There are people who enjoy drinking themselves to oblivion and grinding themselves on others, unable to form a coherent sentence, and googling what is the EU after voting Leave. Those people find reading very boring.

Or there are people who actually enjoy forming an opinion, understanding the world and its relations, wanting to get more in life, dreaming creating, and learning. Those enjoy reading.

So choose who do you want to be.

I am a strong believer in the value of reading different kinds of genres. In my opinion, every genre, if well-written and well-crafted, has an immense value. Whether you prefer classics, contemporary romance, or high fantasy, the value of reading might change to a certain degree, but it will still provide some gaining. Because reading allows you to learn. Whether it teaches you about history, provides you with real life lessons, or just helps you to gain a richer vocabulary, it is always beneficial. So whether you choose to escape to a fantasy world,  visit a near-future environment, or read about a family dealing with a surprising illness, reading still means gaining. After a while, you might start craving a different genre, or start recognizing the differences between a well and poorly written works. But it will enrich your language, colour your imagination, and allow you to become a better version of you. One who will not listen to others telling you that reading is uncool.

“An empty vessel makes the loudest sound, so they have the least wit are the greater blabbers”

 – Plato