I am a soon-to-be Bournemouth University graduate in Media and Communications. For a long time I have been very passionate about books, and believe that expressing opinions in a today society has become quite an important element. Hence my attempt of starting this blog, I will share my reads, interests, and opinions. For now, I am a human on the move, but that is just another challenge.

More about myself: I am a cluster of oppositions. I am introverted, but love to extrovert. I can be perfectly content lying in bed for days, but I have desire for adventures and exploring unfamiliar places. I can cook, but cannot bake. I love yoga, but hate running. I love TV shows, but not crime procedurals. I love music, but not pop. I love musicals, but hate ‘Mamma Mia’. I adore superhero movies, but detest Batman. I believe red wine solves all the problems, but white wine just creates them. I am a realist, and I am a dreamer. And most importantly, I believe that reading allows you to live a more fulfilling life with a wondrous mind.

Every day I am thankful for sunsets, hot showers, avocados, summers, and certain very special people in my life.