Top 5 Wednesday: Authors I’d Want to Write Like

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey, every Wednesday you get to list out your top 5 of a selected topic. Read more about this on the Goodreads group.

Well to be frank, being able to write like any kind of author would be amazing. Since I am no writer, anything would be an improvement.

Still, when I read, some stories are interesting and entertaining, and then there are some that have an ability to change your whole perspective about the world. The suck you in this magical world of fiction and do not let go long after you are finished with a book.

Although I respect most of the authors, there are some people that make me wonder ‘how is it possible to write like this’?


J. K. Rowling. Let’s be honest. this lady changed so many lives. If you were lucky enough to grow up with Harry Potter, you know that nothing will ever compare. Rowling brought us magic and made the journey from childhood to adulthood a magnificent experience. Who wouldn’t want to have her ability to bring so much happiness to the world?





Amy Harmon is my latest obsession. Her writing is incredible and her stories – magnificent. Some of her books that I’ve read are my absolute favourites, and some are just good. Yet every single story written by this lady is filled with magic. Her voice is hopeful, it always makes my heart ache, and makes me believe that magic exists in the real world. There aren’t many authors that can make a reader feel like that.


A Darker Shade final for Irene

Victoria Schwab is an amazing storyteller. Her world building is so real; her characters imperfectly human; and the storylines complex and heart-breaking. All the books that I’ve read by her are so different, yet all left me with major book hangovers. Plus, Shades of Magic series made me feel two things that I never do when I finish a series. First, I really wanted to visit the world that has been created. And second, I wanted more. I usually prefer series that end sooner rather than later. This one was my only exception. Any writer that has an ability to make me want more is incredible.




Renee Ahdieh’s writing is like music. People sometimes ask me ‘What does it mean, a beautifully written book?’ I instantly recommend them to read anything by Ahdieh. Her sentences just flow, it is like a melody, soothing and breath-taking. Although her ability to craft characters and plot complex storylines is nothing other than brilliant, it is her ability to write that steals the show.



Colleen Hoover. Since this list’s purpose is to admire writing skills, Hoover has to make the list. Although I find quite a few of her stories problematic, and I rarely like her books after I finish them, this lady can definitely write. Every book of hers that I read demands 100% of my attention. I am always thoroughly engaged, and with every single book, she makes me feel so many emotions. I am always in awe of Hoover’s ability to make her readers feel. And although I am sometimes not a fan of the storylines, I always admire her writing. Plus, my favourite book is written by her, so she’s on the list.


So here are my top 5 authors whose writing I admire so much. Let me know your top pics, and whether any of my favourites made your list.


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