London life is busy, but I will try to bring blogging back

I have been saying to myself that I should get back to blogging for so long that it seems I have forgotten my reasons altogether. I guess moving to London and starting a full time job does not leave enough spare time for everything that I would like to be doing. Although I don’t miss Uni even a little bit and would not want to go back to the life of a student, I do miss having the time to do so many things that I’ve liked (I procrastinated a lot and avoided my deadlines on a daily basis, that is probably why Uni has not been such an amazing experience).

I keep telling myself that I am too busy, but somehow I find the time to waste hours and hours on silly television shows, therefore I keep thinking that my excuses do not have any ground, it is only laziness. I guess the busy big city life and the new challenges that came with starting my new job did not leave much space for my hobbies. Or maybe there was no need to escape anymore, since I have found a place I feel perfectly content at.

Still, lately I have found myself missing the calm that writing would bring, or maybe it is the space where I can express my love for books and actually see others do the same. With moving around quite a lot and not being a social butterfly, it is quite difficult to find the people who share your passions. Even in London.

This time, I am making myself a promise that I will try to blog at least once a week, and I hope that I will actually be able to keep it. My New Years resolution, although a bit belated.

Today I am going to a book event – I will get to meet V. E. Schwab – an author whose books became my favourites of the year. I got to love London for these kinds of opportunities, even though none of my friends will come with me. I am still really excited, and will consider this event as my official coming back to blogging party.

If you happen to be around Piccadilly today and going to an evening with this amazing author, come say hi.

Hopefully, my wallet will not suffer too much today, and I will be inspired to find more time for reading, writing and blogging.




One thought on “London life is busy, but I will try to bring blogging back

  1. That’s so exciting to hear about the move to London. How are you settling so far? I keep wishing I was back at uni haha. I was actually a lot more productive at uni. I suck at this adulthood thing haha. Hope you had a great time at the V. E. Schwab event. 😀


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