Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Book Review



4 stars

Plot: 7/10

World Building: 8/10

Writing Style: 9/10

Character Building: 8/10

Enjoyment: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

My Opinionated Review

A Heart-Breaking Story Run by Emotional Heaviness

Tiger Lily is the kind of book that I would call a hidden treasure. When I started reading it, I really did not know much about it. But it surprised me in the most wonderful way with the beautifully heart-breaking story, raw emotions, immense creativity, magical world-building, and most of all, a writing style that speaks to your soul.

The story is a retelling of Peter Pan, and I definitely loved this tale much more than the original one. Although it takes place in a magical world of Neverland, the fantastical aspects of the book were easy to forget since the story explores real issues that are easily relatable and always important. Moreover, the unique narration makes it such a beautiful and really sad story which stays with the reader for a long time to come. Although the main character of the book is Tiger Lily, who is a young girl on the verge of growing up, we see her wild nature, rebellious personality, and hidden vulnerability through the eyes of a fairy Tinkerbell, who does not participate in the story much, she is merely an observer. Tiger Lily lives in a tribe where her desire to hunt and run wild is not easily understood, and in order to suppress her wild nature, she has to fulfill an old promise that her father made by marrying a boy who is brutal and nothing like her. However, her clear path towards marriage is disrupted when she meets Peter Pan and his Lost Boys. With them, Tiger Lily is allowed to run wild, be happy, and feel much more than she ever thought she was capable of. Therefore, Tiger Lily tries to find a balance between her life in a tribe and her hidden one with the Lost Boys.

After attempting to describe the book, I realised that it became an immensely difficult task to do so. The greatness of the book comes not from the plot or the wonderful characters (however, they do add quite much to the story), but what really makes the reader connect with it is the hidden feeling behind every sentence. You do not merely read the scenes, you feel them. And you recognise the unfairness as well as the beauty of the world in the little moments that are impossible to describe. With Tinkerbell’s ability to read thoughts and emotions of people she is observing, the reader is made aware of the emotional state of different characters, this narration adding so much to the story as a whole.

I do not want to spoil anything more about the story, so I will not be going into more detail. However, I will tell you this: I loved how the story is always bittersweet. We get really magnificent moments of happiness, but we see the sadness hidden behind it. We see both the good and the bad sides of all the characters. And we are given an ending that makes you wonder if it was one of the most beautiful happy endings or the most heart-breaking ones.

Overall, I cannot recommend this book enough. More like this one should exist. Whether you are a fan of fairy tales or not, whether you adore fantasy or not, this book cannot be put into the frames of merely one genre. It is all and none at all. And most of all, it is not read but felt.

Book Playlist

  1. Tom Odell – Constellations
  2. Feist – Cicadas and Gulls
  3. Finding Neverland Cast – When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground
  4. David Gray – Sail Away
  5. Angus & Julia Stone – Crash and Burn

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