I hope I am back to blogging for good

Ugh I have been way too absent from the blogging platform, and I really miss it. Hopefully, I will be back to writing reviews and doing book tags soon. I really miss writing.

The reason for my incredibly long absence is this – I did not have Internet for almost 3 months. It is getting ridiculous now, it does not feel like 21st century at all. I mean, moving to London felt like moving to the modern age, not backwards.

I had a wonderful time in Bali, it was magnificent, and very hot, and I did not need the internet there at all. However, I am back in the real world now, where I have the urge to connect.

Well, now I am just making excuses. I stated writing this post over a month ago. I guess ‘ve just been busy. London is expensive, finding a job is really tough in a big city, and it was impossible to concentrate on any other task other than applying for work. Well, after a few months, I am still without one, and I do miss writing, and most of all, reading. So I guess I am officially back to blogging, and I hope I can maintain a frequent posting schedule.

I guess after 3 months of not having Internet, I stopped using it. Now I just hang out with friends, or go to watch films at the cinema (I am not that rich, I just get to go there for free).

I hope some of my followers will still remember me.

Blogging more will e my new years resolution, as I find myself being back to this platform, after spending New Year’s Eve not leaving my house and watching my sister puking her guts out. Hopefully the rest of 2017 will be better.

I hope you all had a better one than me, drinking gin and tonic at home alone, eating mini quiches.

Well, it could have been worse.

2017, here I come.

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