Personal Update

Not sure if you noticet that I have not been as present as I would like to be lately. For those who are interested, I will update you a little on my life.

So a couple of weeks ago I have moved out from Newcastle in UK, rherefore I was quite busy packing, saying goodbye to my wonderful co-workers, and preparing for my long-awaited holiday.

Now, I am spendind one wonderful month in Bali, Indonesia. I have hoped that I would be able to find time for blogging, but this place is so amazing and I just feel disconnected from the real world. Plus, I don’t really have wifi at my house. I am doing quite a lot of reading though, so hopefully I will ne able to post my reviews after my holiday.

I am not sure when I will be back to posting on a regular basis since I will be moving to London after my holiday, where I will have to do some job-hunting and exploring. I am really excited for this change though.

I am not sure how will I be able to get back to the real world. Travelling is amazing, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and seeing exceptionally beautiful surroundings just gives me life. I definitely recommend to spend all your savings on travelling, go to places far away, because the world is different here, happier.

I feel like I am getting too deep, but right now I am getting a foot massage and I am so relaxed.

I hope you are having a great day wherever you are!

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