Netflix and Books Tag

So it is time for another tag while I wait for the basketball game since my country is playing at a ridonculous hour (who needs sleep right). And this tag is just up my alley. I absolutely adore TV shows (I watch way too many), and I obviously love books. Combine these two, and you have an amazing tag!

I was tagged to do this by the lovely Lois @ My Midnight Musing, and be sure to check out her blog! Now off to doing this amazing tag!


  • Choose a book or book series that best matches the prompt provided.
  • Feel free to change the TV show if you’d like it to reflect YOUR preferences!
  • A blank set of the prompts is located at the very bottom.
  • Link back to the creators, Christy @ Novel Ink and Lauren @ Bookmark Lit, and tag some friends to join in!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Unlikable Character


Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass series. Although I did like her at first, she has gotten to be way too special and way too self-absorbed. Plus, the infinite amount of people who are in love with her or are ready to die for her, does not do wonders for my liking of the character.

Vampire Diaries

Your ship sank or didn’t happen


I am still traumatised by the sinking of my absolute favourite ship of Chaol and Celaena. They were wonderful, and the second book was really the peak point of the series. I miss the wonderful characters, their amazing relationship, and the times when I still likes Celaena’s character. Even now, I am still holding out hope for them to get together again, or have a broken heart forever (cry).


Best cast of characters/friendships


The characters from The Lunar Chronicles were amazing, especially their friendships. I loved how all these characters interacted with each other.

Gossip Girl

Hate that you love or guilty pleasure

My two guilty pleasures authors: Cassandra Clare (her later works as TID or Lady Midnight is amazing and I love it so much, although it can get too guilty pleasury at times) and Colleen Hoover (anything written by this lady will be loved by me, despite recognising all the cliques and misogyny).

Grey’s Anatomy

All the feels


In the Stillness is the kind of book that makes you feel so much. The characters were unlikable, and there was lots of misery. However, after years of reading it, it still remains one of my favourites, and definitely the kind of book with all the feels.


Favourite paranormal/fantasy


This title definitely belongs to Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. Before reading these books, I only saw fantasy as a silly guilty pleasure. These books completely changed my perception towards the genre and made me read so many incredible fantasy books later on. The story is just incredible.

Orange is the New Black

Couldn’t stop reading


I was on holiday when I was reading The Thorn Birds and I remember trying to make up reasons why we should stay at home. I even started waking up at 8am (on a holiday!) before anyone else was awake, to be able to read more. This book was so good, that it was impossible for me not to read it all the time. If you have not read it yet, I definitely recommend you do as soon as you can.

Parks and Recreation

Made you laugh out loud


This book is such a heart-warming and light story, with so many moments that moved me to tears from laughter. This is the book that makes you happy and laughing.

One Tree Hill

Favourite book boyfriend


Rhysand. I have recently read the book, and the feels are still fresh. I mean, does any other character stand a chance? (Well maybe Jem from The Infernal Devices)

Breaking Bad

Favourite Villain


A.I.D.A.N. was one hell of a creepy artificial intelligence. It was amazing to see someone (or something) that does not have a voice of reason like a person would. The brilliance that it was unaware of its villainy, and had the complex battle of evil and heroism.

I Tag

Caitlin @ Words and Other Beasts

Tammy @ a word about books

Martin @ a pretty wonderful book

Lair of Books

And anyone else who wants to do this tag

You don’t have to do this tag if short of time or do not want to

All Prompts:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: unlikeable character(s)
Vampire Diaries: your ship sank or didn’t happen
Friends: best cast of characters/friendships
Gossip Girl: hate that you love or guilty pleasure
Doctor Who: long series you loved
Grey’s Anatomy: all the feels
How I Met Your Mother: bad ending
Supernatural: favorite paranormal/fantasy
Freaks & Geeks: left you wanting more
The OC: series that should have ended earlier
Girl Meets World: should have a spin-off
That 70’s Show: set in a different time period
Orange is the New Black: couldn’t stop reading
Parks and Recreation: made you laugh out loud
One Tree Hill: favorite book boyfriend
Breaking Bad: favorite villain
Modern Family: best family or parents


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  2. Daughter of Smoke and Bone ❤ That series has my heart. Akiva and Karou's love story will always be a favourite of mine. Those two are OTP legends haha. I also love the cast of the Lunar Chronicles, they are the definition of squad goals.

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