Top Ten Tuesday Rewind: Top Ten Favourite Kick-Ass Heroines

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So another Tuesday has approached, and it is time for yet another Top Ten list. I am so excited to do this week’s picks, since it is a rewind Tuesday, and you get to choose any topic that you have missed.

For those who are unaware what is Top Ten Tuesday, it is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, where every week, you get a new topic for your top ten list.

For this exciting Rewind Tuesday, I have chosen to do my top Ten Favourite Kick-Ass Heroines. Although, quite a number of books, especially YA genre, feature a female character as the main protagonist, I still think that they are usually not that appreciated. But strong, amazing, and layered female characters exist, and I am so excited to share my Top Ten.


Penryn Young from Angelfall

She is smart, perceptive, capable in kicking some asses, and values family. She has her ups and downs, her weaknesses and strengths, but being responsible for her family has taught her some really magnificent leadership abilities, that not only she is strong, but she is respected.


Yael from Wolf by Wolf

Yael is a superspy. She is able to shape-shift into other people, and infiltrate the most difficult operations. Her childhood was as tough as it gets: after experiencing the deaths of the loved ones and experiments at labour camps, she escaped it to grow up in the streets. Her unique ability plus combat training and learning different languages, has made her into the highest-class assassin. She becomes other people, and tries not to lose herself in the process. That is one hell of a heroine.


Nyx Triskelion from Cruel Beauty

Her life has only one purpose – to kill the evil demon that has been terrorising her land. So she is filled with bitterness, but also ready to fight and save her people. I loved Nyx since she had many unlikable qualities, however she was witty and charming, and never afraid. One of the best heroines that I had pleasure reading about.


Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Karou is an amazing heroine, an example of how every female character should be. She is rebellious, but loyal to the bone. She is unpredictable, and loves with all her heart. And she is a true warrior, but fights for peace. Overall, she is just amazing.


Shahrzad from The Wrath and The Dawn

Shahrzad is just wonderful: a dedicated friend who risks her life in order to avenge her best friend. She has a warrior’s heart, always is ready for a battle of words, and is able to forgive. Plus, she possesses magic. Who does not love a character like her.


Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles

Although she might not be my favourite character of the series, she sure was the heart of the story. Not only she was a young smart mechanic, a cyborg, and just generally a kick-ass princess, she also was able to get so many awesome characters together, and give a reason to fight for a better tomorrow. She truly is magnificent.


Kady from Illuminae

In the midst of war and a virus and mass-murder, Kady still has time for boyfriend drama. She is a hacker, a strong and witty persona, and basically the reason why quite a number of people are alive. I absolutely loved her, and considering the format of the book, it is quite an achievement.


Emma Carstairs from Lady Midnight

Emma is bold, and brave, and often too confident to the point of stupidity. I really loved seeing a heroine who is so obsessed with becoming the best and strongest warrior. I liked her passion, her drive, and her un-girly characteristics. And I cannot wait to see more of her story.


Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series

She is a smart and insanely brave witch, who is totally my favourite female character ever. Harry and Ron would have died in book one if she was not a part of the team.


Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind

Scarlett is utterly incredible. The struggles she had to face were insane, and every time, she came out stronger and better. I loved that she was spoiled and quite a b*tch, who married for money, betrayed lots of people, and was mean to quite a few. Yet her inner strength just blew me away, making her my favourite heroine of all time.

So these are my choices for this week’s topic. I really enjoyed making this list, and I hope you found some pleasure in reading my answers.

What do you think of my picks for favourite kick-ass heroines? What are your favourites? What topic did you choose to do this week? Feel free to leave your link in the comments, and I will check it out.

Have a great day!


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Rewind: Top Ten Favourite Kick-Ass Heroines

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  2. Scarlett used to be my role model when I was younger. I still have the same mindset as “I’m not gonna think about it today. I will think about it tomorrow”, which is baaaaaaaad procrastination excuse ahah Scarlett O’Hara, I blame you

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