The Harry Potter Book Tag

So Harry Potter is back! But when was it really gone though? Although I probably will not be reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child anytime soon, since the series ended just perfectly and I am afraid to ruin it, I absolutely love anything that has to do with Harry Potter. I am actually marathoning the films right now, so I am currently having many Harry Potter related feelings.

I was tagged by Caron @ Diminishing Thoughts, thank you very much for letting me to indulge in my Harry Potter love! It really looks like a tremendously fun tag, so hopefully you will enjoy reading my answers.

The only rule for this tag is that you cannot use Harry Potter books to answer any questions.

A Book You Found Interesting but Would Like to Rewrite


It was such a great premise, I could not wait to read this book, I was convinced that I would absolutely love it. However, the poor execution of a great idea made this book just average, with silly teenagers’ actions and no deep emotions.

A First Book in a Series that Got You Hooked


Before starting the series, I was a little sceptical since I always perceived TMI series as very average. But one day I just wanted something light and easy, and this series was nothing light, but a wonderful emotional roller-coaster, and Clockwork Angel started it all. Just a few pages in, and I was completely hooked, and could not put the books down until I was finished with the series.

A Book You Wish You Could Have Right Now


I think that I put this book in all of my lists, but I really need this book right now! Accio Crooked Kingdom!

A Killer Book


It is a killer book because:

a) Mass murder and stuff

b) It is just the best!

Go read it if you haven’t yet.

A Book You Found Confusing


This one was just weird, and I was quite confused with the concept, and its execution.

Your Spirit Animal Book


I just really love everything about this book, it has a perfect balance of action and character development, good and evil, romance and friendships, and I just really love it.

A Dark, Twisted Book:


I realised that I haven’t read that many dark and twisted books. I sometimes read about sensitive dark subjects, but nothing too twisted. and that really surprised me, since I usually am into weird dark stuff. But I guess The Road would be a dark-ish twisted-ish book.

A Book That Surprised You in a Great Way, Reveals to be More Than It Is


After reading the blurb, I really was not expecting much, but it surprised me in the best possible way. I don’t thing any book made me feel as much as this one did, and after years of reading it, it continues to be one of my absolute favourites.

I nominate the following people to indulge in this magical tag:

Rayne Adams

The Rebel Reader


Bookish Afterthoughts

Words and other beasts

And any fellow Harry Potter lover that wishes to do this awesome tag!

No pressure to do this, but hopefully you will enjoy this tag as much as I did.

Have a great day!



3 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Book Tag

  1. The Road has sooooooo many *really* bad things going on there. I actually wrote a research paper for my The Tales of the World End class on it and I can tell you that father is one big-ass questionable character! I’d say that he is one of the reasons that make this novel twisted. As you might have guessed, the class was about apocalyptic stories in literature and cinema, so I had a pleasure of reading and watching tons and tons of material on popular end-of-the-world stories. So, comparing The Road to, let’s say, Snowpiercer, makes it look like a harmless little bunny! You should definitely watch it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is so interesting, you always seem to notice much different themes when analysing texts. I have read it quite some time ago, so I do not remember every single aspect. But end-of-the-world works are always so interesting, although I do not see most of them to be too dark. Maybe it’s just my ruined mind though haha.


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