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So I finally have a day off, and am able to get back to blogging. I have been seeing this tag going around, and since Pokemon Go is such a big thing now, I feel like I should participate as well. A big thanks to Lois @ My Midnight Musing and Aimal @ Bookshelves and Paperbacks for tagging me in this fun tag. Ok, so yesterday I started writing tis post, saying that I do not participate in this new phenomena, and now I have to change it. I finally succumbed to the pressure and started playing this game. And after weeks and weeks of laughing at the people who play it, I can say that it is so much FUN!!! So now I am excited to do this tag even more, now knowing certain Pokemon names.

The Pokemon Go book tag was created by Aentee @ Read at Midnight and I think she has done a great job in balancing bloggers’ love for books with a current Pokemon Go craze. She made the tag insanely great for the Pokemon lovers, and still an entertaining topic for those who are not big fans.

So here I go, embracing the Pokemon Go craze.



I guess reading was always a big part of my life, it was just something everybody in my family has shared, and although I only started reading more books quite recently, my love for reading was always there. So I the book that started it all would be Harry Potter, because it changed my life and rocked my world completely. I am really glad I got to grow up reading this incredible series.



Gone With The Wind will always be a classic that I cherish and feel nothing but love towards. This book blew my mind and ripped my heart out, and after years of reading it, I still consider it to be in my top 3.


The Selection series will not be added to my TBR list anytime soon. It just does not sound like my cup of tea at all, and considering all the attention that the books got, it feels like another Twilight accident. I do not want to judge the series merely from the opinions of others and my negative firs impression, but there are more books that I want to read, and this one will not be making the cut.


So I think I will never get bored of forbidden love, especially when it is done well. Angelfall, and many other books, wonderfully develop forbidden romance, and hate to love transition, and I fall for these kinds of couples every single time. I just love to suffer through these characters who have to face so many challenges to be able to be together. The more suffering, the harder I will root for the couple.


outlander-blue-cover-198x300I rarely have a problem with lengthy books, sometimes I even prefer them, it makes my life easier by not having to choose a new book every couple of days. But when I see quite a number of books in the series, I am always afraid that I eventually will get bored. I have heard so many great things about Outlander, but I just do not feel like committing for such a long time, especially since I do tend to binge-read the series.


Way too many books kept me up all night. I sacrifice sleep all the time, so if I stay up pats 2am, that’s nothing memorable, it’s just how I roll. The last book I remember reading till very late is Rebel Belle. If I find enough time to read in the evening, and there is less than 40% of a book left, I find it impossible to go to sleep before finishing it.



I admit, I have quite a few, some of them very frustrating since they feel like doomed. But, I don’t think any couple broke my heart as the one in The Infernal Devices series, especially in the last book of the series. I have cried so much, and since I am a huge fan of suffering, any couple that makes me cry so much will automatically become my favourite. So I have to go with Tessa and Jem.


Shooting Scars by Karina Halle definitely is an action-packed fast-paced wild ride. It is the second book in the Sins & Needles series, and is the highest achievement in the series. The whole book kept me on the edge of my seat, so many crazy things have happened, and there was no time to relax. Plus, this book, as the whole series really, is hot.

pokemon-tag09-eeveeI am a huge believer in ending series, or anything really, at the right time, when reader is still craving more. So many things get ruined because spin-offs or new additions are appearing, and I am always disappointed when my favourite things just loose great quality. I still read and love Cassandra Clare’s work, and think that her other series are much much better than TMI, and I am beyond excited for Fantastic Beasts film, yet I always seem to appreciate a good ending, where there is some mystery still left unresolved.


After reading the blurb for Cinder, I just knew that this wouldn’t be my cup of tea. Futuristic setting and cyborgs were just too weird, and I don’t even know how I picked this book up to begin with. I did want to read something that was not engaging and would allow me to go on with my dissertation. That was a mistake. This series was so engaging and entertaining, that I did not leave my house until I was finished with all the books, and had the least productive dissertation writing week.


A Darker Shade final for Irene

I have been seeing this series everywhere, so many people love it, and I cannot wait to read them as well. Since I really loved Vicious, I am sure I will like this series. I just really need to find enough time to read these books, because it definitely sounds like something I would find incredible, and I really do love Schwab’s writing style.



I think this picture sais it all.



I don’t know any unreleased debuts that I am truly excited, but I am definitely excited to read some of the debuts that have been released this year. The Serpent King is one of the books that I really need to get my hands on. Why don’t I have a superpower to stop time?

pokemon-tag11-lure-moduleColleen Hoover. I haven’t been reading that much contemporary romance, and I find her tropes to be quite clique, filled with annoying endings. But every time this lad has a new release, I just have to read it instantly. There is just something about her writing that makes me overlook the negative, and feel so much about the positive.



Crooked Kingdom is one of the most anticipated releases, and I have been waiting way too long. I absolutely loved Six of Crows, and I cannot wait to be reunited with the six amazing characters.

So this was fun! Pokemon Go tag is unexpectedly as awesome as the actual game!

I tag:

Books, Vertigo and Tea

Rayne Adams

Gretchen @ Chicnerdreads

Tammy @ a word about books


6 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Book Tag

  1. I am so ready to get my hands on Crooked Kingdoms and check in with my band of rebels. Plus I need to know if Inej is okay! I can’t stand not knowing what happens next. I’m so impatient haha.

    I loved the answer you gave about spin-off. I always believe less is more and at some point there has to be a finish line. The more they continue to expand the world, the more I feel like they’re exhausting it and the magic that once captivated me gets lost.


    • I am sure Inej is OK, she is such a badass! I am more worried about Nina though, and the side effects of the drug.
      I’m glad we share the same opinion about spin-offs. I sometimes wish that more books existed in the series that I really adore, but the series that leave me craving for more have a much bigger impact on me. It is disappointing when the quality of the story is ruined for the need of more money.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think because Inej is likely to be put through the wringer with her capture I can see her being safe. I’m definitely worried about Nina but more than anything I’m worried about Kaz. I feel like he might go down the self-sacrificing route in the end and I could not cope with that. The only situation regarding his death that I will accept is that he fakes it so he and Inej can leave Ketterdam and all it’s baggage behind.

        I always feel that a novella would be a lot better than a spin-off series. I find that I want to check in with the characters more than the world so if we got a short 50-70 page novella checking in on them I’d be happy.
        I could go into a long rant about the whole mainstream, commercial capitalism aspect of these spin-offs. Quality over quantity all the way!!


        • Yeah I am afraid that someone will die, or something horrible will happen that will rip our hearts out.
          I don’t really like novellas, I find them to be a bit boring, I just want to get to know the characters better in the main story, but if they get their novellas, the story just does not appeal to me.

          Liked by 1 person

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