Top 5 Wednesday: Most Unlikable Characters


Hey, so it is top 5 Wednesday time. Although it has been hard to find time for blogging lately, I decided to squeeze this meme in my busy schedule. It is just so satisfying expressing your dislikes. And this week’s topic is the most unlikeable characters, the characters that the readers are actually supposed to like.

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Laney, where you get a new topic every Wednesday, and get to choose 5 books for the topic. You can join the Goodreads group if you wish to take part in this meme.

Oh I have so many characters that I have issues with, but I’ll try to limit them to one per book. So here it goes:

1. Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass series.

Where do I even begin, it just makes me so angry. She is ruining a really complex and incredibly rich book series, that at times I just feel too exhausted to continue with the books. I liked her in the first and the second book, but by the third one, I just had enough. She is too damn special. A badass assassin, a queen, she is smart, and beautiful, and feminine, and strong, and loves music, and food, and books, and every single male cannot even talk to her without falling in love. Enough is enough, her and Rowan is ruining the series as a whole. I found myself trying not to skim the pages about her and Rowan in Queen of Shadows. Give her some flaws to make her actually relatable.

2. Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments series.

She is annoying, promiscuous, childish, whiny, a know-it-all, and most of all, too special. I really cannot connect to the characters that are that special. But I don’t even care enough about her to rant too much, the whole series is lacking on character development.

3. Four from Divergent series.

I just do not get his character at all. Did I miss some part in the book, where his character is developed to a likeable human being, or was his whole purpose to do completely nothing?

4. Levin from Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina is the classic that really gets me worked up. I loved reading Anna’s story. But this monster of a book features the most boring and indecisive whiny character that is Levin, and I had to suffer through his story for HOURS, getting angry at his story, and at Leo Tolstoy for having to include himself in a dramatic Russian society relations story, and making the book so boring at times.  

5. Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster

I just had to mention my least favourite character in my least favourite book. He is everything what is bad about certain male behaviour. He is a psychopath who would lock a female in a cage and swallow the key if he could. Especially since he is painted as a romantic hero, the character just makes me so angry with his stalker-like behaviour. The female in the book is not much better as well, representing the stupid innocent delusional the guy-will-change-because-he-loves-me and he-is-abusive-because-of-love, type. But if I have to choose just one character, I have to go with the male abuser.

So these are my choices. There are definitely more characters, but some are either too similar or too obvious. Like Gale from the Hunger Games is a kind of character like Four, with no charisma or purpose. Or Bella Swan and Anastasia Steele or whatever her surname is, and all the other weak female idiots. And of course, Christian Grey and the whole lot of his type of characters.

Ok, rant over. I feel much better now, calmer, relaxed. It is like therapy, only free. It is good to let your negative emptions out.

So do you agree or disagree with my picks? And what are the characters that you just cannot stand? Let me know.



15 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Most Unlikable Characters

  1. Not going to lie, I love Celeana. BUT! I can see why people don’t. She is the epitome of The Super-Duper Chosen One. Beautiful people being beautiful and special and sexy seems to be a hallmark of Sarah J. Maas, but I like to get lost in a glossy world where even the ugly stuff has flair.

    If you’re going to call out Clary for being promiscuous, how about Feyre from ACOTAR? Now there’s a series that’s pushing the boundaries between YA and adult. But to each her own, I enjoyed your list!
    Here’s my picks:


    • I used to love Celaena as well, but I do find the characters that are too special a bit too much. And I actually do like Fayre’s character much better, however, I am afraid it might change, since I absolutely loved Celaena until book 3. It is definitely hard to create really engaging characters since everybody has different preferences, and since books are supposed to revolve around the main characters it is difficult not to create them too important.

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  2. I agree with you on Celaena! At first I liked her but by the last book we have released she just turned into an unrelatable self-centered arrogant machine!

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    • I know right? the last book just ruined her character so completely, she was judging other characters so much, and behaving like a spoiled child. I hope her character will be better in the next book, or at least more focused on other much better characters


  3. There is a reason I’ve avoided the Throne of Glass series for so long. I was going to wait until the entire series was out and read it in one sitting but I know I’ll have issues with the characters and the apparent personality makeovers they get as the series goes along. Plus the shipper wars are so off-putting and vicious.

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    • Yeah I did the same thing and waited untill Queen of Shadows was out, I usually enjoy binge-reading the series since I get more attached to the characters. But these books were so exhausting, with characters changing personalities with every single book. I do like some parts of the series though, and think that the second book is amazing, but the amazing Celaena and all the new love interests in every single book is just exhausting, that made me avoid reading the ACOTAR series for quite some time

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        • I actually really enjoyed the ACOTAR series, however, it is only the beginning, and I am really worried that the same thing might happen as in Throne of Glass series, and the characters’ makeovers will be too much. SJM just love to paint characters one way, and then completely change them, and although I enjoy when characters change, but her 360 degree turns from good to bad are too unrealistic. I think I will be reading all the books, but it might cause a lot of suffering, and not the good kind.

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          • If the changes the characters went through were slowly presented throughout the series I think I’d be okay with it but like you said the 360 switch is far to unrealistic and in a way highlights some character favouritism on her behalf.
            I hope you enjoy ACOMAF and that the character development is gradual and natural. 😀


            • Yeah, I do like when characters aren’t stoic, however, I need to see reason behind their change. When I was reading Throne of Glass series, one book would end with characters as friends, and in the other, magical romantic connection wiuld appear out of nowhere. But I really liked ACOMAF, so hopefully it won’t go downhill in the next book


  4. I totally have to agree with you on Travis! I absolutely hated him but I didn’t even think of that book for my list because to me it was one of those “out of sight; out of mind” books…

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  5. I’m actually SO surprised to see Celaena on many, many posts this week. I always assumed that she was one of those characters everybody loves. I liked her, but not nearly enough as many other people seem to. My dislike for her grew monumentally as the series progressed though.
    Clary was such an annoying character. I preferred the secondary characters much more than either Jace or Clary! Simon was probably the only one I actually cared about.

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks


    • Yeah it is quite surprising considering the love for the series that many people seem to have. Well at least Throne of Glass series features multiple characters, and is not written in 1st POV as ACOTAR, otherwise I might have stopped with the series long before. And as far as TMI series go, I found only a few characters tolerable, especially compared to Clare’s other series, where characterisation is the strongest part of the books,


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