End Of Days by Susan Ee

Book Review




4 stars

Plot: 7/10

World building: 7/10

Writing style: 8/10

Character building: 8/10

Enjoyment: 6/10

Overall: 7/10

My Opinionated Review

Note: This is a review for the last book in Penryn & The End of Days trilogy. You can find the reviews for the first and second book here:

Angelfall by Susan Ee review

World After by Susan Ee review

End of Days is the last instalment in Penryn & The End of Days trilogy. It is a thrilling, action-packed conclusion featuring an intense confrontation between humans and angels in this apocalyptic fantasy saga.

The story picks up straight after the actions in World After, having Penryn and Raffe reunited and fighting towards the piece between the angel and human race. However, the piece is not that easy to achieve, especially when working with the enemy. Penryn has to make hard decisions in regards to her feelings to a certain angel and her dedication to the human race. It is a thrilling ride, filled with action, fighting, politics, trust, and betrayal. The author takes the story straight to hell and back, and tests the beloved characters in the most devastating way.

When thinking about the plot of the book, I could not find a single thing that was bad. The story is full of interesting twists, intense fights of survival, and moments that I did not see coming from miles away. And yet, I cannot shake the feeling of disappointment. In regards to the storyline, it had everything that the last book must possess: action, revelations, an epic showdown, a final stand, development of romantic and non-romantic relationships, and, of course, death. But what the book tragically lacked was the feeling.

I guess Susan Ee lifted my expectations with the first instalment too much. It was so good, that the last book, although quite decent, felt like a disappointment. Since Angelfall had so much vigour and tragedy, I expected a bit more from the last book in this trilogy. It was sad to see the series go out without a bang.

The seemingly good action did not draw out that many emotions out of me. Everything just seemed too weak. And although I thoroughly enjoyed the big showdown between the angels and the humans, I was expecting a lot more. Those scenes indicated so much potential, that could have had much greater impact if written with more emotion.

The second, and probably most problematic thing in the book, was the whole relationship between Penryn and Raffe. I loved those characters so much, both separately and together. They became one of the best, most passionate and heart-wrenching relationships in any book series. And the whole forbidden love angle never ceased to exist. Therefore, when having so much angst and separation anxiety, you expect some big emotionally draining moment of declaration of love. But it doesn’t happen.

For such a roller-coaster relationship that was the forbidden love story between Raffe and Penryn, the ending felt a bit anticlimactic. The expected epic and powerful moments never came, and since the ending scene in Angelfall or the sweet reunion in World After delivered very emotional scenes, the lack of feeling in the last pages of the book left me quite frustrated. For a love story that had immense build-up and angst, I hoped for more epicness, drama and pain.

I truly did not have a problem with the book until the very end. The author would start a very shocking or intense moment, with so much potential for trauma, and end it too quickly, without exploring the emotional impact further. My hopes for everything paying off in the end, were flushed down the toilet. I guess the masochist in me wanted to feel more pain. And although I am quite satisfied with the ending, it is not the kind of resolve I will be remembering for long.

Overall, End of Days has everything it is required from the last book in theory. But it fails in making the reader feel much. Compared to the first instalment, it is quite a disappointment. However, my fresh connection to the characters resulted in me really enjoying most of the book.

I still recommend reading the series but be prepared for Angelfall to the heart of the trilogy.

Have you read the series? What are your thoughts on the last instalment?


Book Playlist

  1. Half Moon Run – No More Losing the War
  2. Jetta – I’d Love to Change The World
  3. Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
  4. John Paul White – What a Way to Go
  5. Andrew Ripp – When You Fall In Love

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