9 Tips For Choosing Your Next ‘It’ Book


With the immense amount of books available nowadays, actually choosing a book that you want to read can be quite difficult, preventing you from reading more. Especially if the last book you picked up ended up disappointing you, and you feel worried about choosing your next read. Since a book is a timely commitment, you want to be sure the story you are reading will bring you tears of joy, and not anguish.

So I suggest a few ways of how to decide on your next read:

1.Explore Goodreads.

Goodreads.com website is a great social media site for every book lover. It allows you to check out book ratings and reviews, explore what your friends are reading, and get all kinds of recommendations. Plus, the option of registering the books you want to read will ensure you always remember the ideas for your next great read.

2. Check out the professionals.

And by that, I mean the people who read a lot. With an immense knowledge of literature, you can get ideas from book bloggers, booktubers or bookstagramers. Choose the genre you prefer, and check out what books these people are recommending. Having read quite a few different works, these people will know a truly captivating story. And you can find the people who really know your favourite genre or author.

Check out multiple accounts to be sure.

3. Do not trust the masses.

Sometimes, certain books tend to be a little bit overhyped, disappointing you in the end. Although some truly magnificent pieces have produced quite a large fan base,  sometimes all the love can be misleading, especially if you are a picky reader. Somehow Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey have become one of the most read pieces (and if you believe they are wonderful, I am trying hard not to judge). So the masses are a bit untrustworthy when it comes to picking a good book.

4. Pick a title out of the hat.

Well, the format does not matter, just the idea. It can be a jar, or a sock, or whatever. Just write down the book titles that have been on your TBR list, and pick one out. I myself have been using this technique, and although at times I was unsure about the book I picked out, all the reads proved to be incredible. Since the ability to make decisions is not my strong suit, this way, you do not have to spend hours by deciding. Just let the magic to the work! And stick with the book that you picked out.

There are also apps available, following a similar process, but an old-school piece of paper just seems much more classy and fun!

5. Subscribe to a newsletter.

Quite a lot of sites offer recommendations of truly magnificent books. They usually are categorised either by genre, age group, or the year of publication, allowing you to find the right content. I have been subscribing to Buzzfeed book newsletter, and it has proven very helpful in finding new captivating reads.

6. Ask.

Ask a friend or a family member what is their favourite book. Go to a bookstore and ask the person who works there for some recommendations. Or if you are feeling brave enough, you can even ask a stranger!

Some recommendations might not be your cup of tea. However, I suggest checking them out, because there sure is a reason why these people who introduced you to the book love it so much. For example, I was certain I would not like The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough when my parents kept insisting I read it. But after years of avoiding the book, it has become one of my favourite reads of all time.

7. Try a book you wouldn’t normally read.

Sometimes it will give you yet another reason for disliking that genre. But at times, you can be pleasantly surprised. So do not be too conservative, and dip your toe in a pool of unusual things.

For the longest time, I have been convinced that fantasy and sci-fi were not for me. But after reading really great works of both of these genres, I was proven wrong.

8. Go for the underdog.

Sometimes the less popular books can deliver incredible quality. Do not stick with only popular authors. Some great reads can be found in second-hand bookshops or be randomly recommended. Be sure to give them a chance.

9. Let the book choose you.

Just pick the book that catches your eye. Can be disappointing, or very rewarding.

I hope you have found these tips helpful. At least these ideas help me since my TBR pile seems to grow by a minute. And if you have any ideas on how to choose a good book, I always want to hear them!


6 thoughts on “9 Tips For Choosing Your Next ‘It’ Book

  1. Great tips and have followed many of them. Love Goodreads where I find most of the books I read. I used to be a reader of all the famous authors…you know the ones that advertise their books all over. Not mentioning names. But since Goodreads I have found new authors and have gotten out of my usual genre (mysteries) to fully surprise myself and enjoy reading outside the box…


    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked them. It is always quite a task to find a good book. Many people only go to bookshops and choose from the top picks, and most of the time, I find those books not as good. Goodreads has been a huge help in finding much better reads, especially the authors that are not that well-known


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