A Journey Begins

In a world where so many do not see the reason, and so few take the time to appreciate little things, finding your place in the world has become an impossible task. Even if you cannot find that place just yet, it is important to surround yourself with positive energy and do the things that bring you joy in life.

Recently I started to wonder how so many people are led by hate, that sometimes it becomes scary to dream. Well, my grandmother used to say that I am naïve, that I should accept that the world is quite crappy. But I refuse. I will always try to fight the fight for the better, although the world definitely has the ability to get you down quite often. Recent events proved that quite thoroughly. Yes, I am going into politics here. Brexit has been quite a tragedy, telling me that I do not have a place in the world. My own country feels too small and too narrow-minded to me, the UK, the country I live in now, is telling me it does not want me, I cannot understand the USA with Trump-supporting lot anymore, and everything in Australia is trying to kill you. So where to go now?

Although it is a saddening feeling, to not belong, I refuse to believe that the world is completely bad. With so many ignorant idiots shouting in my face, telling me that I do not belong, I will shout louder until I am heard. Because I matter. Because others who feel the same, matter too. And in the end, the dreamers will win. Because although you cannot stop bad things from happening, it is necessary to find the good. What is the point in living, if there is the only horror?

So my journey begins here. With the world telling me it does not need me, I will look for happiness elsewhere.  Everybody has that world where they can be themselves, be happy, escape the horrifying reality. I find happiness in reading, and maybe I will be expressing my opinion just for myself. Maybe somebody will relate. But with so many problems, there is a great need to let out the pending energy. And blogging is cheaper than therapy.

Passion is what defines the person. A person who is not passionate about anything just ceases to exist. Or they just exist, without really living. I see so many people judging people for being to into TV shows and their favourite characters relationships, or some silly video game. But if it brings them joy where is the harm? It is much better to express this happiness, no matter how many people will shout in your face about your silly passions. But so many ate involved in drugs, hate crimes, complaints, and other really horrible things, painting the world black. So having a little bit of joy is amazing, and not caring what other people things, especially these bitter losers, is kind of a superpower.

I care about books. I want to express my opinion about them. I want to get the list in the amazing worlds they provide me with. I want to criticize the stupidity of romanticized abuse in contemporary literature. I just want to feel happy. So if you care, that is just amazing. If you do not, I will care enough for both of us.

For now, I will just attempt to understand how the blogging works, and try to grow as a writer.

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